Tuesday, 26 August 2014

RPE Fit Testing

Respiratory Protection

If you are responsible for employees who need to wear respiratory protection as part of their jobs, you will be aware of the importance the fit of the RPE on the wearer. Protective face masks need to fit the wearer properly in order to provide the correct level of protection and ill fitting RPE may prove completely ineffective.

It is important that your workplace has a competent 'fit tester' whom they can call upon to assist with the RPE selection process and fit the masks to individuals. If you are new to using or buying respiratory protection, HSL are running an introductory course on October 22, 2014 which will give you a great insight into the importance of fit testing, the responsibilities of employers and will introduce you to the various methods of fit testing.

This one day course is ideal for those who are new to practical fit testing and those people who are responsible for the selection of RPE.

To become a competent fit tester takes considerable experience, although courses like this are a fantastic place to start. For more information about the course, follow this link > http://bit.ly/1mLXNl3

Friday, 15 August 2014

Health and Safety For Young People in the Workplace

Now that exam results are out and school is officially over for many teenagers, UK workplaces will soon be seeing an influx of trainees and apprentices through their doors. However, throughout Europe, young people (those aged 18-24) are at least 50% more likely to suffer a workplace injury than older people. They also have a higher incidence of occupational illness than their older colleagues.

Reasons for this vulnerability include:

• They could lack the physical or psychological maturity required for their job
• They may lack the necessary skills and training
• They often lack the confidence to speak out about problems
• They may be unaware of their rights  or of their employers responsibilities towards them

Common risks include:

• Slips and trips
• Dangerous equipment
• Load lifting
• Fast past and/ or repetitive work
• Working in awkward positions
• Noise and vibration
• Exposure to hazardous substances, radiation, extreme heat or cold
• Stress
• Violence

By law, employers have a responsibility to protect their young employees. As a responsible employers you will need to:

• Give them appropriate training and supervision
• Provide them with all necessary PPE and safeguards
• Give them work that is appropriate to the individual and their skillset
• Ensure your risk assessment is up-to-date and makes provisions for the needs of younger workers (including casual workers, interns and work experience placements)
• Put in place arrangements to safeguard young workers, based on the risk assessment
• Decide whether certain tasks and work areas should be off limits to younger employees
• Train them to do their jobs safely, warn them of the risks and teach them how to spot and manage risks safely. Ensure they understand the emergency procedure.

Monday, 4 August 2014

Portwest Workwear: Our Newest Supplier


Our new range of workwear from Portwest is proving very popular and we are currently working hard to bring you an extensive and up-to-date range of their fantastic workwear and PPE.

With over 100 years experience in the manufacture of high quality workwear and boasting a heritage of quality, value and service, Portwest is a firmly established world leader in the workwear market.

Meeting recognised international standards, their range is being constantly improved through the use of new materials and product development. manufacturing a range of workwear, safety footwear, PPE and accessories, they kit out workers in many various industries, across the globe.

Their most well known products are the Flame Retardant and Hi-Vis workwear lines - a range which is currently available in our online store, and proving exceptionally popular. Shortly we will also be including their high quality fall protection, waterproofs, disposable workwear and coveralls amongst other products.

For fantastic products at competitive prices, check out our Portwest range, here.