Tuesday, 26 August 2014

RPE Fit Testing

Respiratory Protection

If you are responsible for employees who need to wear respiratory protection as part of their jobs, you will be aware of the importance the fit of the RPE on the wearer. Protective face masks need to fit the wearer properly in order to provide the correct level of protection and ill fitting RPE may prove completely ineffective.

It is important that your workplace has a competent 'fit tester' whom they can call upon to assist with the RPE selection process and fit the masks to individuals. If you are new to using or buying respiratory protection, HSL are running an introductory course on October 22, 2014 which will give you a great insight into the importance of fit testing, the responsibilities of employers and will introduce you to the various methods of fit testing.

This one day course is ideal for those who are new to practical fit testing and those people who are responsible for the selection of RPE.

To become a competent fit tester takes considerable experience, although courses like this are a fantastic place to start. For more information about the course, follow this link > http://bit.ly/1mLXNl3

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