Monday, 2 December 2013

Winter is a busy time of year for those working in healthcare and at many of our loyal healthcare customers are stocking up in preparation for the busy time ahead.

We have a superb range of workwear for nurses and healthcare professionals, along with handy accessories. We source from trusted suppliers to ensure the highest quality.

Let's start with an essential item for nurses – a good quality pair of shoes. When you spend long hours on your feet, you need reliable footwear offering comfort and durability with a slip resistant sole. The Cofra Reuben High Comfort Nurses Shoes are a great choice, and suitable for men and women.

Cofra Reuben Safety Shoe

Take a look at our range of healthcare tunics and nurses dresses available for men and women. With a variety of popular colours and styles and the option of adding embroidery to the garments you are certain to find just what you are looking for!

A popular product is the Zip Front Nurses Tunic, but to view the full range take a look at our nurses uniforms page.

Finish your uniform with smart and practical healthcare trousers, in both men's and women's styles. 

A good supply of useful accessories will never go amiss. You can choose from an extensive selection of disposable gloves and we have refills of alcohol rub. Alternatively, check out the handy Alcohol Hand Rub Tottles, which attach to your uniform so you'll never be without!

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