Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Winter Workwear

Is your workwear ready for winter? With the darker days creeping in, this is an ideal time of year to review your workwear wardrobe. The safety gear you used in summer may not be suitable for the harsher months ahead and with the nights closing in you may want to look at some new Hi Viz clothing.

It's not just workwear, this is also a good time to look at leisure and childrens clothing. With bonfire night coming up and wet weekends to prepare for, why not take a look at our waterproofs and children's high visibility clothing to ensure you and your family are prepared for whatever the winter throws at you!

A great Hi Viz Jacket for the winter months is the Dickies SA22050 Hi Visibility Bomber Jacket which is thick, lined and waterproof. Perfect for keeping you warm, dry and safe on cold days and nights.

For children, we stock the RS21B Kids High Viz Vest, ideal to wear over a coat, this reflective vest is ideal for early morning and evening walks.

When you're working outdoors, wearing a scarf may not always be practical or safe. We recommend the CAT 1128012 neck warmer as a safe and simple alternative.

If you will be working outdoors this winter, a good, solid pair of boots are a must. We stock a range of work and safety boots and recommend waterproof boots with a non slip sole for the winter. Take a look at the Purofort C462843 Safety Wellingtons or Cofra Ortles Composite Safety Boots; a stylish, breathable boot which is both non slip and waterproof.  

                 Purofort Safety Wellingtons                                                    Cofra Ortles Safety Boots

Available for both adults and children is the Dickies Vermont Waterproof suit. Comprising of a waterproof jacket and overtrousers it is an ideal kit to keep on standby for a downpour when you're working or exploring outdoors.

The last thing to consider, to complete your wardrobe; durable, warm and waterproof gloves. For those working outside, or operating machinery, a good pair of grip gloves are essential. We have a range of options to view on our website. CAT offer two good choices of glove:

The Jersey Dotted Palm Glove is composed of heavy jersey cotton fabric for warmth, with microdot PVC palm for enhanced grip.

The CAT Neoprene Comfort Glove is ideal for cold, wet weather. A padded Clarino synthetic leather palm and neoprene back combine durability, warmth and water resistance.  

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Office Party

With Christmas fast approaching many of us are starting to think about our work Christmas party. If you work for a large organisation you may well be lucky enough to have your party all organised and paid for without you having to think about it. But if there is no sign of an organised party on the horizon, you and your colleagues might want to look into organising your own night out.

So long as everyone is happy to chip in towards the cost, there are a number of options available at this time of year, most suitable for all ages.

The vast majority of pubs and restaurants will be holding dedicated party nights throughout November and December, usually offering three courses for a set cost of around £25 (depending where you are in the country). These events are open to everyone and will give you a good opportunity to socialise with other work parties, but you'll need to book quick - because of the good value of these events, they will fill up quickly.

If you prefer a more casual night out, your local bowling alley could be a great destination (so long as a little friendly office rivalry can be taken in good spirit!).

If you're fun bunch perhaps you would enjoy an evening at a comedy club for a relaxing night out and a great way to unwind from the mayhem of work.

For those who enjoy fancy dress, medieval banquets abound during this time of year. What better way to celebrate in the winter months than with a hearty feast and flowing ale!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Money Saving Tips

With Christmas coming up we are all feeling the pinch to meet our monthly expenses and budget in for gifts and food and all the other, largely useless, items that seem to appear in our shopping trolley during the festive season!

Here we have compiled a list of simple tips to help you stay money savvy, for life, not just for Christmas!

  1. Plan ahead and make a shopping list. Dig out the cookery books and plan your week's meals and make a list of only what you need, to help void temptation in the aisles. Remember that supermarkets exist to encourage you to spend money and they have many tricks for achieving this; clever product placement, myriad offers and upbeat music are the most obvious.
  2. Get to know your local market. Lower overheads = lower prices. Once you discover how cheap it is to shop in the market you'll resent paying supermarket prices ever again. Also, produce is usually locally grown, superior quality and promotes healthy eating.

  3. When you are in the supermarket, consider their own brand products. With lower advertising costs than the big brands, and less packaging, store brands are a good way to save ££s.
  4. De-clutter and have a garage sale, go to a car boot sale or simply sell your unwanted stuff on Ebay. Whatever unwanted items you have lying around in cupboards, the loft or wardrobe, you can guarantee there will be a willing buyer out there somewhere. De-clutter your life and earn ££s at the same time.
  5. Shop around for insurance. It's very tempting just to accept the renewal price and stay with your insurer, and if you are a long-time customer your insurance company probably have little incentive to 'woo' you with offers or discounts. But if you shop around for the best price you could save yourself £100's.
  6. Book early for flights and train tickets to grab the best deals. A few seats on each plane or train carry the lowest price – but once they're gone the prices will start to rise.

  7. Don't pay full price for tickets. Wherever you're going there is bound to be a money saving option. Consider going to the cinema on Orange Wednesday, or if you're mobile phone provider offers benefits – such as 02 Priorities – keep a regular check on offers and promotions to see if there is anything you can use. Before booking theatre tickets or hotels, shop around online to find the best deals and check out websites that offer vouchers and discount codes.
  8. Cut down on drinking and smoking. It might sound boring, but quitting smoking in particular will save you a fortune and, of course, benefit your health.

  9. Reconsider your gym membership. If you use the gym regularly it is a great investment to help you de-stress and keep in shape. But, if like many of us, you can't remember the last time you set foot on a treadmill, this is a big drain on your resources. If you use the gym infrequently you may be able to find a 'pay as you go' option at your local leisure centre or swimming pool.
  10. Make sure you know what you're entitled to and claim benefits and tax credits. Look into the benefits available to you if you are on a low income or raising a family. Working tax credits are very easy and quick to claim. Don't worry about the 'stigma' of claiming. You pay into the system so are entitled to the benefits of it.
  11. Finally, if you live near a colleague, consider car pooling, perhaps one week you drive, one week your colleague drives. You will each save 50% on your monthly fuel bill!